Stories in English. Beginner Level: Marco in the kitchen



Marco went to the kitchen to grab a cup of milk. He was very thirsty.

When Marco opened the drawer to find a cup all he found were spoons. He thought, “ well, since I already have the spoon I might as well enjoy some ice cream.”

He went to the refrigerator and opened the freezer for some ice cream. “Yum,” Marco said.

He had found some strawberry ice cream. “ Now all I need is a plate.

He went to open another drawer and all he found were pots. “ Hmm, now I’m craving some soup.”

He begins to cook soup. It seems as though Marco can’t decide what he wants. He is beginning to drop things on the floor. Marco has made a big mess. He puts all of his dirty plates, spoons, and knives into the sink and washes the dishes. In the end, Marco forgot to get what he had originally come for, a cup!


Original text in English by Chris
Ilustration by Roma

About the Author

Hi, my name is Chris and I am American. I love to read, write goofy stories, and spend time looking for my glasses. I have an intermediate level of Spanish, and a basic level of Italian. In the future I hope to learn more languages and to share the techniques I have used along the way. Here you can see all my posts on

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