Stories in English. Intermediate Level: Conocimiento Urbano (Streetsmartz)



Streetsmartz (Conocimiento Urbano) is one of the hottest boy bands in all of Ecuador. Its members are, Scrappy, Mono,Tom Sparks, and Francisco Francisco. Their smash hit, Light Me Up, is climbing up the charts. The problem with Streetsmartz is that Francisco Francisco is obsessed with buying fast cars and eating expensive chocolate. This spending habit of his could seriously hurt the group in years to come. They will need to keep pumping out the hits to be able to keep up with this spending. Streetsmartz dress in coordinated leather jackets with a baby monkey emblem sewn on the back. The monkey is holding a can of tuna and has one golden tooth. When streetsmartz hit the stage all of the girls go wild with delight. The sound of their voices makes everyone feel dizzy and filled with joy. The group usually spends their time at photo shoots and eating tuna. They love tuna because they are sponsored by BIG SHOTS Tuna Corporation.

To be continued.

Original text in English by Chris
Ilustration by Roma


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